Dr. Pankaj N. Maheshwari

Dr. Pankaj Nandkishore Maheshwari

I’m a Senior Consultant and Chief of Urology at Fortis Hospital Mulund. Fortis Hospital is a JCI accredited, 300-bed multi-speciality tertiary care hospital providing a range of diagnostic and treatment services. With cutting edge technology, highly skilled and experienced surgeons and paramedical staff the Fortis Hospital at Mulund provide a patient-centric approach. The Urology department at Fortis Hospital is well equipped with facilities for diagnosis and management of all urological ailments. The Urology department has access to Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, Holmium laser, Urodynamics, all types of rigid and flexible scopes and intracorporeal lithotripsy devices.

I have more than 50 publications in national and international journals of which eight are quoted in the recent Campbells textbook of Urology

I'm a Urology Specialist

Urology is a specialty that deals with the surgical diseases of the kidney and the urinary system. These include kidney stones, infections, cancers and tumors (of the kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, adrenal gland and penis), Prostate enlargement (BPH), male sexual problems, male infertility, childhood kidney diseases, kidney transplant,age related urinary problems in women and urinary trauma.
I am trained in Urology at Grant Medical College, Mumbaiand later got trained in holmium laser with the pioneer of holmium laser: Dr Peter Gilling and Dr Mark Frondorfor. I have an experience of more than 22 years in the field of Urology with more than thousands of happy and satisfied patients.
I have been appointed as Hon. visiting Asso. Professor in Department of urology at Grant Medical college Starting work at JJ

Treatments I Offer

Urinary Stone Disease
Urinecontains many dissolved minerals and salts.When your urine has high levels of these minerals and salts, crystals can aggregate and stones can form.Kidney stones can start small but can grow larger in size.
Prostate Enlargement (BPH)
Only men have a prostate. As you age, your prostate can become larger. It’s a normal part of aging for most men. Men with urinary problems should also talk to a doctor about their prostate health.
Holmium Laser in Urology
Holmium laser is a solid-state laser with extensive utility in Urology. Holmium laser delivers laser light energy at a wavelength of 2140 nm via a flexible end firing quartz fiber.
Urethral Stricture
Urethral stricture is a very frequently encountered disease. In this disease there is a narrowing of the urethral tube, the tube that delivers urine from the urinary bladder out of the body.
Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a more serious health problem, especially in middle-aged men. About 25% men below forty-year age may experience ED. There is effective treatment for ED
You may have heard of menopause that happens in women after the age of 45 years; do men also suffer similar condition? Andropause is very common but not routinely diagnosed or treated as there is no great awareness regarding this condition
Blood in Urine
Hematuria or passing blood in urine should be taken very seriously. If this happens you need to immediately meet your doctor to get the cause identified and treated. There is a long list of causes for hematuria.
Uro-Oncological Management
Thousands of men and women are diagnosed each year with cancer of the prostate, bladder or kidney, as well as testicular and penile cancer. New breakthroughs in cancer care, experimental treatment options, and ongoing …
Laproscopic Surgeries
In last one decade, laparoscopy has become a practical and acceptable alternative to treat complex urologic surgical diseases. Most of the open procedures today are replaced by laparoscopic alternatives.
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